8 Reasons Why

Renting makes sense.

Control Expenses
MediLogix offers competitive rates, flexible pricing and dashboard reporting analytics for managing rental usage.
Deploy The Right Equipment
MediLogix provides equipment on-demand. You only pay for equipment when you need it, where you need it.
Medilogix Operates 24/7/365
Our Customer Care line and field service technicians are available 24/7/365, we are there when you need us every time.
Save On Storage
Never spend money storing unneeded equipment again.
Reduce Downtime & Eliminate Cost
When you rent from MediLogix, we guarantee your equipment will always be patient ready or we will repair or replace it immediately.
Control Rental Usage
MediLogix’s dashboard reporting tools provide maximum transparency to help you manage usage and spend.
Live Equipment Tracking
Every piece of equipment from MediLogix is bar coded and tracked in your facilities by patient and room number and always viewable live through the Customer Portal and with regularly scheduled active rental reports.
Conserve Your Capital
Use your capital budget for investments that will drive meaningful ROI, unburdened by unnecessary equipment purchases.