Customer Portal with MxAnalytics

MediLogix has built an innovative technology platform to support the efficient deployment of equipment on demand throughout the United States. With our Customer Portal and MxAnalytics tools, operators have real time visibility on all rentals and are able to effectively track and manage current rental usage while understanding historical trends.

Our powerful, yet easy to use, business intelligence tools provide a secure, comprehensive, and interactive set of dashboard reports. Stay on top of your active rentals while analyzing your cost and trends. You can easily download report data for additional analysis and reports can be scheduled for delivery to your inbox. Our goal is to provide complete transparency so you can better manage rental usage and cost. 

The portal also provides online ordering. You can order equipment and request pick ups and services with just a few clicks. Our advanced ordering system allows you to order equipment based on your company's formulary, view your prices, and setup an authorization and notification workflow.

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